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Become a partner

Join other Partners in Supporting Golden Phi Charities While Also Connecting With Clients, Customers and Community.


Participants, members and volunteers at Golden Phi Charities feel a strong connection to at risk youth outreach and transitional services for teens and young adults.

A Partnership with GPC can spark new relationships and deepen existing ones by associating your brand with your passion for the community and future.


GPC programs attract families, youth and young adults from the Arizona valley and beyond.


Join us in our mission to strengthen connections to the at risk families, youth and young adults in our community by becoming a Partner today!


All Partners Receive:


Your logo on our site linking to your website or social media page


Every GPC's e-Blast will include a Thank You to each of our PARTNERS


Acknowledgement & link to your business on GPC's Facebook page


Annual Thank You e-Blast featuring all of our Business Partners

Annual Thank you gift


Recognition and Acknowledgement at all participating events and media release


*Links from our website to yours positively influence your ranking in Google and other search results. Links from other sites that point to your website make it more likely for your business to appear in the top results.


**The bottom of every page on GPC's website features four randomly chosen Golden Phi Charities Partners.


***Your partnership will be announced on our Facebook page in the week your gift is received. Our Facebook posts are seen by all of our facebook friends, and by association, all their friends see your businesses’ participation in our community.